Redefining Indian Agriculture

At Green Orbit Farms, we are moving away from a conventional approach to agriculture, to a more sustainable approach that ensures consistency, traceability, and safety of food.


How It Works

We grow our produce hydroponically. Every choice ensures that you receive your vegetables at the height of freshness, flavour and nutrition.

The Hydroponic Process

In Hydroponics, plants are grown in a soilless medium. A well-balanced nutrient solution is supplied in a controlled and automated manner based on parameters such as plant size, stage of growth, climate, water requirements etc.

Consistent size, taste, and quality.
Seamless supply through the year.

Nutrient-Rich Water

We use water to deliver the same nutrients you would find in the highest quality soil. And by providing our plants with only the exact amount of water required, we're able to use less water than traditional agriculture.

Hydroponics uses upto 90% less water.
Yield achieves its full genetic potential.

Controlled Environment

Food is typically vulnerable to extreme weather and pests. Hydroponic systems are set up indoors, away from harmful elements.

Less or no herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides.
The sterile environment means 98% fewer pests.

Precision Farming

By monitoring the growing process and capturing data along the way, we’re able to give our crops exactly what they need, from nutrients and water to oxygen and light.

Higher productivity and yield.
Supervision from agronomists.

Post Harvest Activities

Our state of the art integrated pack-house handles all post-harvest activities for products grown in-house or sourced from outside. This includes collection, pre-cooling, washing, grading, sorting and packaging.

Minimize loss and wastage.
Increase product shelf life.

Farm To Your Table

Once picked, our produce reaches stores and restaurants within a few hours.

Quality produce year round.
Always fresh on your table.