Post Harvest Services

Our state of the art integrated pack-house handles all post-harvest activities for products grown in-house or sourced from outside. It aims to increase the shelf-life of produce, enhance its quality and minimize loss and wastage.


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Immediately removing field heat and strict temperature regulation are necessary to slow down the aging of fruits and vegetables and pre-cooling does this by reducing respiration rate, microbial activity and ethylene production. By developing realistic protocols and using techniques such as vacuums, hydro and forced air, we maintain the optimal temperature for each product and extend storage life.


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Reducing wastage through disinfection by washing, rinsing and sanitizing not only reduces existing microbial contamination but also negate the possibility of pathogens that could be carried by the fresh produce - and is hence as important to the handlers as it is to you. We use potable-quality water and acknowledge that certain crops cannot be effectively washed together because of unwanted chemical interactions.

Sorting & Grading

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Manually eliminating culled, damaged, diseased, overripe and otherwise defective fruits and vegetables ensures that they don’t pose the risk of shortened shelf life and can’t contaminate the adjacent clean, healthy ones. Our experienced team then grades the selected produce on the basis of color, maturity, size and ripeness class to ensure streamlined trade.


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Apart from being an integral element of marketing and serving as our direct link to you, efficient packaging protects produce from physical damage, tampering and biological and chemical contamination. We provide on-site packing instruction to maintain recommended storage temperatures, ensure convenient handling and effectively utilize space during transportation.


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By minimizing storage losses, maintaining quality and extending shelf life, product supply continues throughout the seasons. We store fruits and vegetables, at low temperatures and high humidity to prevent ripening and the risk of microbial growth, in food grade quality containers. The facility is separate from the processing area, maintains good housekeeping practices and keeps residence time negligible with a “first-in, first-out” system for inventory control.


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Whether it is road or sea transport - we ensure that the produce is ready for consumption with optimal air and temperature distribution in loading containers and by immobilizing packages during transit to curtail physical damage such as bruising, cutting and crushing. Extensive distribution systems, industry knowledge and market access have cemented our position as a leader in the hydroponic industry.